Photos From the Uilleann Piper's Tionol and Fiddler's Workshop in East Durham, NY Halloween Weekend 2004



A marvelous tionol it was! Thanks to Susanne Ward and to a capable assembled staff for putting it on in the lovely resort of the equally-capably-staffed Fern Cliff House (of which, only a small portion is represented in the botch-cropped photo above). I'll refrain from yammering and let the photos speak....

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These are the group photos of which four were taken on my camera. Clicking the thumbnails will give you the full sized photo 2592 X 1944 pixels or about 1.7 MB each. I left them full sized so that anyone may download them and use them as they wish. That way they'll be suitable for framing.


Friday and Saturday Night Sessiuns


The Saturday Night Concert


Classes and Daily Activities


The Terrifying Uilleannous Halloween Sessiun (and it's enticement of spectoral whispys)

OK, have to talk about these 2. This is the second, nondescript (except that it is a fantastic costume) photo I took of "Gandalff"

It was Halloween, the wind was blowing hard through the trees and the moon was popping in and out of swift moving cumulus and I took this first picture of "Gandalff" The wierdness even got better when some of the Fern Cliff staff members told me of the stories of hauntings on the resort. I hate to spoil peoples' fun, but, I have an "Ocam's Razor" explanation for this. I think I had a smoke going at the time. BUT I'M NOT SURE! MBBBWWWAAHHHAAAA!

This is my chanter's Halloween costume