Items Posted for Immediate Sale

I occasionally have items that are ready for immediate sale. Please feel free to periodically check this page for new and used pipes and pipe-related items that are ready for same-day-as-payment (or near same-day) shipment. You will see the item listed and date of posting with the price extended. You may use the Paypal button at the bottom of the front page.


For Sale: Used Student Model Practice Set $1070 -  SOLD! 12/13/2021

Student Model Practice Set Used 00324


Uilleann Pipes Bags: $170 each
Uilleann Pipes Bags
"Rowsome Style" Uilleann Pipes Bags

4 to 5 ounce "Chap Leather", nickel rivets. They are very airtight and substantial feeling when inflated and played. They are also very durable. Uilleann Pipes bags are also available with 2" extra neck length for C-Pitched sets, $175 and 4" extra neck length for B-Pitched sets, $180.

I will also be willing to make a bag to customer-supplied specifications for $185. All bags ship within 2 weeks of order placement. Tie-in is also available at $34/stock.