BC Childress Uilleann Pipes

18 York Street

Kennebunk, ME 04043



I am pleased to announce that I am now offering Nickel-Silver (Cupro-Nickel, German Silver) sets. The ferrules are rolled, by hand, around a stainless steel mandrel. The seam is silver soldered. The finished piece is buffed to a high finish. The turnings are simple lines. Such sets, with nickel-silver ferrules, will be supplied with solid nickel-silver keys, where keys are necessary on the chanter and regulators.

I am thinking about phasing out the ni-chrome plating option. I always liked the ni-chrome plate, but it presents problems in logistics and co-ordination with the platers that is difficult to manage. Of course, anyone with a practice, 1/2 or 3/4 set in ni-chrome plate, would be able to upgrade in the future to match the finnish. I will just not be accepting new orders in ni-chrome plate, unless it is such an upgrade. I have removed Ni-Chrome Plating from the price list because of some confusion. If you currently have one of my Practice Sets or 1/2 Sets in Ni-Chrome Plating, and you wish to upgrade, please contact me.


I am also exploring the idea of doing the same in sterling. I will update as significant progress is made in that area. In the meantime: Here are some photos of a chanter in C, ebony with boxwood mounts, with the ferrules and windcap in rolled nickel-silver. Please write with your opinions and questions.