These are just some of my favorite links:

Patrick D'Arcy's Uilleann Pipes Obsession Page is one of the more interesting pages concerning the Uillean Pipes. If you are in Southern California, you would like this.

Song of the Sea
This is for Song of the Sea in Bar Harbor, Maine. They carry my pipes, and may, at any given time, have pipes in stock or on order. They are, also, great for all things folk music, in general

David Daye's Page
Great information on pipe construction maintenance and general interesting piping stuff. Home of the "Penny Chanter".

Cuman na Piobairi, The Seattle Piper's Club
For piping information, CD's, learning materials, reed making equipment and such. They have a quarterly journal that makes me look forward to the P.O. Box every 3 months

Joseph Sampson Cane
For excellent reed cane

Na Piobairi Uilleann
For more piping information and a quarterly journal that makes me look forward to the P.O. Box, again, every 3 months.

The Piper's Gathering
This is a great event for meeting up with other Uilleann Pipers, as well as encountering other types of pipes that you don't see every day.

Bristol Case Company
These folks have really nice cases. They are expensive and heavy. But they are durable, and can be custom built.

Rad Pipers cases by Rick Damon
Here are some more really nice classy, lighter wooden cases made by Rick Damon

Bagpipes Go to the Movies
A fun and informative page.