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Half SetHalf SetHalf SetFull Set PlatedFull Set PlatedFull set Plated

Full Set PlatedFull Set PlatedFull Set PlatedFull Set PlatedFull Set Plated

Full Set, Brass, Full Mount and FerruleFull Set, Brass StandardFull Set, Brass, Standard

Full Set, Brass Full Mount and FerruleMe with Full Set

Standard Full Set with Stop Key

Standard Blackwood Half SetStandard Full Set in CocoboloBlackwood Half Set

Full Set, Brass, Full Mount and FerruleMe AgainFull Set, Brass, Full Mount and Ferrule

Full Set cocobolo

Blackwood Practice Set, Stop KeyBlackwood Practice Set

Blackwood Practice Set, Stop KeyChanter Key DetailBlackwood Practice Set

Cocobolo Tenor and Baritone RegulatorsPractice Set, Keyed Chanter

Chanter Key Detail Blackwood Half Set Standard

Me playing the set on my index page

The following 9 photos are of a full set in blackwood, Standard mounts and ferrules, Nichrome plated, German silver keys, 4 key chanter.

Full set in component partsReed Tying

Testing a New ReedParts to become a full set in BlackwoodDrilling a chanter Bore

The chanter Brian Walsh used in the film "Titanic"