By popular demand, I have added recordings of pipes I have made as "clean flat" recordings. These were recorded with 2 fully panned AKG C3000 mics about 2 feet apart with the pipes at a distance of about 1 1/2 feet. Other than the conversion to MP3, there is no processing whatsoever. Each tune is played in 3 repeats. The first verse is chanter alone. The second verse adds the drones. And the third verse adds regulators.

With all of that in mind, I request you somewhat overlook my playing, which isn't phenomenal. And some extraneous noises occur, like rumbling traffic, foot taps and room ambience. Focus instead on what I intend these recordings to convey, and that is as accurate a representation of the timbre and temperament, of the instruments I build, as possible. Please feel free to give me feedback as to whether there is any way I can improve these for you. (Keeping in mind that the playing is as good as it gets!)

Flat set (B-Pitched) full set "The Humors of Kiltyclogher"

B-Pitched Chanter Scale

This is a full set in D pitch. Recorded with the same equipment as listed above.

Concert pitched (D-Pitched) Full set "The Munster Cloak"

D-Pitched Chanter Scale